Wildwood Weekend Recap

Wildwood Weekend Recap

So I spent a few days in Wildwood this weekend with some friends, which was a much needed mini-vacation to officially start the summer.  We were all in Wildwood for the races taking place throughout the weekend.  The “headline” race was the Wildwood Half-Marathon, which two of my friends raced.  Due to the fact that the Broad St Run was just two weeks ago, I opted to cheer on my friends in the half-marathon than run in it.  As tempting as running 13.1 miles sounds, I am a firm believer in training for one particular race, succeeding in said-particular race, than allowing my body to recuperate.  Two weeks was just too soon to even THINK about racing in a half-marathon.  But, due to the perks of signing up for one of the three races Wildwood had to offer this year, I registered for the 5k just to get the pier passes that were included.  With all of this in mind, here’s some noteworthy moments from this weekend:

  • stayed in a friend’s condo for the weekend with three other friends (shoutout to John and his family for allowing us to stay there free of charge!!)
  • made a lovely pizza for Friday night’s dinner (pizza = my choice of carbo-loading!)
  • watched the season finale of The Amazing Race (and my choice for the winning team won!)
  • sleeeeeeep
  • ran to the start of the 5k (this is the first time that I’ve ever been able to warm-up to the start line from a house/home/place of stay, so this was exciting!)
  • ran…I mean “raced”…the 5k.
  • took 3rd overall female in the 5k (I would consider my time “decent” considering I haven’t actually trained for a 5k in the last 8 months of my running life…it definitely wasn’t a fast time, but considering I signed up for this race just to get pier passes, it is what it is) (Shoutout to Brianna for finishing 1st in her age group!)
  • didn’t receive my medal for placing 3rd because they were extremely disorganized with the medals (but apparently they’ll be sending it to me in the mail!)
  • had a lovely conversation with two runners after I asked them, “where’d you get the Johnson’s popcorn from?!?”…this conversation lasted at least 15 minutes…they must’ve really liked talking to us three!
  • ate more pizza….this time we got it on the boardwalk!
  • went on some of the rides on the piers
  • made a delicious vegetable and pasta dinner for my two friends who were racing the half-marathon the next morning (CARBS!!!)
  • watched Godzilla….(mixed reviews, but I say it was good!)
  • sleeeeeeeeep
  • early morning, considering the half-marathon started at 7:30
  • biked along the course to cheer on fellow runners (I think I probably ended up biking a half-marathon!)
  • saw a lot of runners I knew – runners I knew from high school races, runners I met at Broad St, and, of course, my lovely running friends (Shoutout to John and Brian for awesome races!!! – I had so much fun cheering you guys on!!)
  • cheering on runners I didn’t know and seeing a girl go from walking to running after I told her to take a deep breath and start moving again!  It’s a good feeling knowing you’ve helped someone do well in their race! (Note:  It’s a known fact that cheering on races is always a lot more fun than running them!)

It was just a great weekend full of friends, running, and lotssss of sass :]

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