Mini Recap of Recent Events:

Mini Recap of Recent Events:

I have decided to make a quick (and probably not-so-short) recap of recent events since I haven’t blogged in a really long time.  Life has been crazy hectic these last few weeks so I haven’t had the time or enough brain-power to compose some sort of logical writing – so here goes nothing!

A few weekends ago I got to visit my friend, Sarah, and tour her town and go to Dorney Park for a day.  It took me almost an hour longer than it should have to get to her house because there was so much weekend traffic, but I got there eventually and that’s all that really matters!  We walked around her town and got a delicious milkshake from her favorite icecream stand.  The next day we went to Dorney Park, which was EXTREMELY crowded considering it was a beautiful Saturday.  We stood in lines a lot but we made the most of it and entertained each other.  This weekend was the perfect mini vacation I needed and I’m so glad I got to visit her for a few days before we went back to school.

I finished working for the summer as well so now I can enjoy the last few weeks before I return to school without the stress of work.  That same day I also got to catch up with two of my favorite people in the whole wide world at YOGO and just gossip.  It was perfect.

I also took a 5 day vacation in San Diego to visit family.  My brother and I boarded our first ever plane that was west-coast bound.  The plane ride was almost 6 hours long but we occupied ourselves with music, movies, and a book.  We spent a lot of time touring San Diego with our cousin who showed us all the local beaches and downtown restaurants. My brother and I also went on a beautiful hike in the mountains on the outskirts of the city.  The views were breathtaking and I was amazed by the fact that I spent the morning on the beach and the afternoon in the mountains.  It was great!

We also took a trip to LA for a day and stopped at Venice Beach and Santa Monica.  Both were unique beaches that attracted many different crowds.  We also took a walk on Hollywood Blvd.  Unfortunately, I found Hollywood to be somewhat overrated.  They make it seem a lot more majestic and appealing on TV!  Los Angeles was great for a day trip but there would be no reason to spend more than a day in this west-coast city.

After returning back to the east coast, I was instantly thrown back in to the chaos of the summer.  My dad and brother are working on opening their own business which has caused a lot of stress and extra work for all of my family members.  We have been working through the process together and staying positive that everything will work out.  We were able to officially make a Facebook page for the business and the overwhelming amount of support from friends and family members just reassured us that this business will be a success.  We are so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people near and far who are supporting our next adventure.

This weekend I did some back-to-school shopping and bought a lot of necessary things for my apartment this semester. I also went to Coldstone for icecream and went for a wonderful 6 mile run with one of my favorite running buddies.  Today I concluded my weekend with another 6.5 mile run which was a success.  I was able to exert some built up energy and stress during my run which led to the last two miles of my run to be faster-than-expected.

Recently, I’ve been also watching old seasons of The Amazing Race which has only fueled by addiction to the show.  I am intrigued by all the teams and even though I have watched the seasons before, I am still surprised by the winner during the final leg because I don’t remember who won each season (side note: I’ve been watching seasons from about 8 years ago so unfortunately my memory has failed me on the drama of each season).  I’ve also been watching YouTube clips of audition videos, previous race “dramas”, and brainstorming ideas for when I apply with my dad.  We plan on applying this week and I couldn’t be more anxious to show CBS what we have in store for them.

All in all, these last few weeks have been adventurous, hectic, stressful, and wonderful.  The last few weeks of summer will be the same.  It is almost that time when we have to say “see ya soon” to the people we love the most.  A new semester is about to start.  New adventures are about to begin.  I hope these last few weeks don’t go by too fast but I plan on making the most of them by spending time with the people who make my life complete….you know who you are.

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