In the past two weeks, I’ve worked back-to-back 50 hour weeks between my internship and my new job.  I am no longer physically attending Bloomsburg University since the only thing left to do before I can graduate is my internship. Despite the stress brought on by a 50-hour work week, I am the happiest I’ve been in the last year and a half.

I am no longer confined by the walls of a classroom.  I no longer have to sit at a desk listening to a professor lecture about the benefits of exercise.  Instead, I am teaching others the benefit of exercise.  The fitness center I am completing my internship at has become my classroom.  I have met people who have never exercised ever before in their life and it has become my responsibility to teach them how to exercise safely and effectively.  I am finally putting my knowledge to good use and it has been extremely rewarding.  Several fitness center clients have noticed my patience with teaching others and have complimented me on my knowledge.  It feels good to be appreciated.

Yesterday I came to realize many things.  First of all, I’ve spent 5 of my 8 semesters of college at home.  Four semesters were spent at home as I attended a community college before transferring to Bloomsburg University. Now, I’m back at home and doing my internship locally; therefore, I am once again spending another semester at home.  These five semesters, although separated by three semesters living in the middle of Pennsylvania, have been the semesters that I’ve been happiest with my life.  My two years at community college were by far the most memorable two years of my college experience. And now I get to spend my last semester of college completing my internship which has been far more enjoyable than being stuck in a classroom.  My level of happiness has been significantly, and more consistently, higher being at home than away at college.

My second realization is that I’ve had a part-time job every semester of college. During my two years at community college I had a part-time job at a craft store. In Bloomsburg, I was a student note-taker for two semesters, and I was a private tutor last fall.  Now, as an intern, I also have a new part-time job.  I feel like these part-time jobs have made me learn the importance of time-management and have also provided me with a source of income that can offset some of my college debt.

So here I am now.  Every weekend I see pictures of people on Facebook with wine glasses in their hands or drunken smiles.  I hear stories about the ridiculousness of a professor.  But here I am, a thousand times happier than any wine glass or college party could ever provide to me.  I’m loving my internship and my new job.  I love spending time with my family on the weekend.  I love having people to run with.  My dog is my favorite roommate.  I’m happy.  I’m enjoying life.  And every night I go to bed knowing I’m following the path that’s meant for me – and this path makes me happiest.


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