We all fight our own battles

We all fight our own battles

No matter how strong we may seem,
no matter how smart we may act,
no matter how much or how little money lies in our wallet,
no matter how healthy our bodies may look,
we all fight our own battles.
Physical, mental, emotional battles plague us all.
We can take care of ourselves extensively, but our bodies are not invincible.
We can go to school, read daily, or engage in mind games but our minds are an entangled mess of obstacles, barriers, and forgotten memories.
We can interact with others or chose to think alone, but our emotions will forever linger in our hearts.
We can have a good paying job with copious job stability but the stressors may outweigh the financial rewards.
No matter our age we all fight our own battles.
Youth battles and aged battles.
Inside battles and outside battles.
Battles alone and battles with others.
Battles between our hearts and our minds.
Battles with time.
Battles with recurring events.
Battles you only want to face once.
We all have them.
We all fight against them.
Learn from them but don’t let them change who you are.
Be greater than your battles.

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