Occupational Therapy Month: Developmental Milestones

Occupational Therapy Month: Developmental Milestones

Now that half of the OTs in America are done at conference in New Orleans, ABCs of OT are back in full swing!

Letter “d” is for developmental milestones.

Let me tell you something…. my ENTIRE spring semester has revolved around developmental milestones. For the pediatric population, accomplishment of developmental milestones provides opportunities for growth, exploration, and learning. Occupational therapists work to promote these milestones by recognizing delays and using interventions.

For example, for a baby who is hasn’t learned to sit unsupported yet, an OT will provide interventions to strengthen the core. The ability to sit unsupported promotes play and learning opportunities. For a school-aged child who uses a palmar grasp instead of mature tripod grasp when holding their pencil, an OT could enhance development of this grasp by providing a smaller sized pencil or unique pencil grip that naturally puts a child into a mature tripod position.

Developmental milestones are all-encompassing for development including primitive reflexes, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, feeding/eating, social-emotional, communication, play behaviors, ADLs, and cognition. The ability to recognize/evaluate developmental delays is imperative when working with the pediatric population so that an OT can provide interventions to augment development.

For more information about developmental milestones check out this resource here!

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