Occupational Therapy Month: Independence

Occupational Therapy Month: Independence

Today is letter “I”. One of the most important “I” occupational therapy words is INDEPENDENCE!

OTs strive for client independence. This profession promotes independence in all areas of life. For the pediatric population, this might mean helping a child reach their developmental milestones so that they can move independently to explore and play. For the adult population, this might mean provide environmental control adaptations to spinal cord injury clients so that they can independently scroll through TV channels with their voice rather than using a remote. Car adaptations can be made so that an individual with double below-the-knee amputations can independently drive themselves to church, the grocery store, or a loved one’s house. An older adult recovering from total hip replacement may be taught how to use a sock donner so they can independently dress themselves. The list could go on forever, trust me.

Independence is the ultimate goal!

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