Occupational Therapy Month: Proprioception

Occupational Therapy Month: Proprioception

Letter “p” is for proprioception!

Proprioception is one’s awareness of one’s body in space. Proprioception is actually one of our eight senses… yes, there are eight. This is knowing how far to stay away from a wall so you’re not rubbing against it. This is knowing how how much strength to use when picking up a glass of water so that it doesn’t slip out of our hands. This is knowing how much pressure to use on a pencil when writing so the lead isn’t too light nor too dark.

Individuals with poor proprioception are often seen as clumsy – bumping into things, tripping frequently, and stomping while walking, among others. Proprioception can be improved with deep pressure (i.e. hand squeezes, being covered up in pillows, or being rolled on by someone else laying on top of a stability ball (true fact), etc). These are the “crash and burn” kids we may come into contact. These are the kids that crave proprioceptive input.

We learned about proprioceptive input during our sensory lab earlier this semester. Here is a picture of my friend, Erica, providing deep pressure with the stability ball and then me rolling through the steam roller!




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