Occupational Therapy Month: Research

Occupational Therapy Month: Research

“R” is for research…..dreaded research.

As the health care field constantly changes, research becomes more and more important. OTs are responsible to stay up-to-date with the latest topics and evidence-based practice approaches for interventions. Additionally, research becomes important when working with a diagnosis you’ve never heard of to ensure clinical competence and adequate application of clinical reasoning.

As the semester unwinds, our first research experience is coming to a close. My group completed a literature review on the effectiveness of augmentative and alternative communication for promoting functional language development in children with autism. Research is tedious and can be monotonous at times but its implications for OT practice are imperative so it’s just something that I need to come to accept.

Also, I will be completing a research project next semester with my graduate assistantship supervisor (more on that once I know exactly what we will be doing).

All in all, research isn’t the best part of this field, but it comes with the territory. As our world continues to change, as technology becomes more advanced, and as new medical diagnoses are discovered and better understood, research becomes essential for continued competence in the health care field.

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