Occupational Therapy Month: Vision

Occupational Therapy Month: Vision

“V” is for vision, specifically low vision.

OTs can address low vision across all populations. There are many aspects of vision beyond the scope of 20/20 visual acuity. Vision also requires cognition. Are we able to see the change from carpet to hard wood flooring in our homes? Are we able to see each step going up or down the stair case so we don’t fall? Can a student copy what’s written on the board at school without teary eyes (fatigue) or pain? How sensitive are one’s eyes to light? Are both eyes working together? Vision is all-encompassing and there are SO many aspects that go into what we see and perceive.

So as OTs, we can help to strengthen the eyes to minimize fatigue. We can provide compensatory strategies via in-home modifications to prevent falls (putting bright colored tape at the edge of each stair to make each stair distinguishable). We can educate teachers on strategies to promote success in the classroom so a child can go through the school day without getting a headache.

Because occupational therapy is such a holistic field of health care, all of these components are within our scope of practice which is super exciting to me!

Only a few more letters until the OT alphabet is complete!

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