Occupational Therapy Month: Zones of Regulation

Occupational Therapy Month: Zones of Regulation

“Z” is for zones of regulation!

Zones of regulation is a method for teaching self-regulation skills. It is often used with the pediatric population for children who may have difficulties recognizing and controlling emotions.

There are a total of four zones – red, yellow, green, and blue – each of which correspond to specific emotions. The zones allow a child to identify how they’re feeling, how their behaviors might be affecting those around them, and how to manage/self-regulate how they are feeling.

OTs can teach and enforce use of the zones of regulation for children who may benefit from interventions addressing self-regulation. Teachers can implement it in their classrooms to promote carry-over and parents/caregivers can be taught its benefits to manage behaviors within the home environment.

This is the final day of ABC’s of OT. I hope that you’ve learned at least one thing from reading 26 posts related to OT. As the semester winds down, I hope to post a recap of the semester at some point….stay tuned.

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