October Update

October Update

Hello, mid-October! Since my previous posts (when I was so enthusiastically preparing for fieldwork), I have completed a total of 5 weeks of fieldwork, continued running intermittently, and adopted a dog with Josh, along with many other good and “eh” things.


Fieldwork is going well (I think). I am currently in a small private practice outpatient office where I work with clients with a variety of diagnoses from orthopedic upper extremity injuries to post-CVA (stroke). I have struggled and I have succeeded. I have learned. I have discovered that I do not foresee myself ever working in an outpatient office. Orthopedic injuries are just not interesting or motivating to me.

I have enjoyed working with clients who have lost function related to isolation from the pandemic. I have enjoyed working with clients who are recovering from a CVA (even though this is the most challenging diagnosis I have been exposed to thus far). I have enjoyed creating client-centered and occupation-based treatment sessions. And honestly, documentation isn’t all that bad (as of right now).

I have not enjoyed working with individuals recovering from fractures. Doing range of motion manual techniques is just too mundane for me. I have not enjoyed feeling like I don’t know enough. I have not enjoyed feeling like I’m running out of intervention activities.

So, at least I know outpatient offices aren’t the place for me. I hope I’m doing well enough to do well during my midterm evaluation next week. I never have high expectations for myself.

I have also enjoyed feeling like I have more time for self-care and friends/family time. I don’t feel guilty going for runs because I feel like I have more time to run. I actually have relaxing time at night now instead of doing assignments until bedtime. That’s the perks of fieldwork thus far. More time for self-care is so good for the soul.


Even though I have technically have more time to run, I have needed time to transition into a new routine. Some days I would get home and have a pounding headache from not eating/drinking enough throughout the day (I blame the masks for my dehydration because taking a sip of water isn’t automatic anymore when you wear a mask 8 hours/day). I have tried dark morning runs again but they’re not enjoyable for me.

I have given myself grace though by allowing myself more than one rest day per week. Some weeks I only run 3-4 times. Although this is a hard pill for me to swallow some weeks, I need to recognize that my schedule is once again evolving. For what seems like years and years and years, I haven’t had the same routine for more than 2-3 months. Between this work schedule or that work schedule, grad school, COVID, what have you, I just can’t establish a routine that sticks. And I hate it. I want to know that 5 days/week I am working a certain shift that starts and ends at relatively the same time. I want consistency. And I realize that life will throw curveballs, but even just having a semi-consistent work schedule for the length of 365+ days would be nice. Maybe one day.

I still want to run an ultra. My brain is constantly spinning with running goals I hope to one day achieve. I’m not signing up for any races the remainder of this year. The one race I signed up for that was supposed to be in April which got postponed until October was made into a virtual race (I dislike virtual races) so now I have to submit a time for a virtual 5k. Yipee.

Over the past 3 days, I have been obsessed with the drama unfolding at Bigs Backyard Ultra. GO TEAM USA! And now I want to host my own Backyard Ultra. 2021???? Who’s in? (@Angela I hope you’re reading this and I hope you can fly to NJ so we can run for miles and miles and miles and miles together).


Josh & I adopted an Australian Cattle dog on October 2nd. We named him Burton (shelter name was Boomer). They told us he was approximately 8 months ago so we chose the birthdate of February 4th. He is very very energetic and tends to nip at any part of your body. We knew these were characteristics of a cattle dog before we adopted him. He just needs some training.

Unfortunately, Burton cut his paw pad 8 days ago so he’s been in a little boot sock to promote healing. This has been stressful because he hated when we put the boot on and would try to bite it off (or bite us). We have come up with a system and it has been working after many instances of trial and error. Once his paw pad is healed, we will be able to take him for walks/runs again and socialize him with other pups. The entire thing has had bad timing because for the first 10 days we had him, he couldn’t do much activity because he was neutered. On the 9th day of his recovery, he cut his paw pad so we’ve been dealing with that for over a week. Once it’s healed I will be happy to go on trail adventures with him (obviously easing him into it just like a person would ease into building their mileage).

Other things:

I am excited to be in a wedding next spring! #MaidofHonor

COVID still exists. Wear a mask. Respect other people’s opinions about COVID.

I miss group runs terribly but I am not sure if it’s safe to run with others because I don’t want to test positive for COVID and then have to miss weeks of fieldwork.

My car exceeded 326,000 miles recently.

Instacart is a dud right now because people aren’t as afraid to go grocery shopping anymore.

The bike industry is a mess still. Preordering 1-2 years out is just crazy.

Health insurance in this country is an absolute disaster.

I can’t wait to have a full-time job with benefits.

I’ve been craving tater tot nachos for weeks.

Also, I want to make vegetarian chili now that it’s colder outside.

The leaves are pretty.

I hate politics.

I want to go to a corn maze but there’s no good ones around here.

Stay away from cougars in Utah. They’re scarrrrry.

The Eagles are doing terrible. I don’t even waste my time on them anymore.

Old gameshows are being remade. Recently I’ve watched The Weakest Link (I can actually answer these questions unlike Jeopardy) and Supermarket Sweep (the original version is way better).

I don’t foresee myself getting on a plane anytime soon.

I really like sleep and I hate waking up when I know it’s cold outside.

Hot chocolate season is back though!

I hope everyone is doing well, staying healthy, and living their dreams.

Keep at it, whatever you’re doing.