OT Chronicles

Quick links to chapters of my personally-created “OT Chronicles” that document the life of a future OT in real-time.

Where I’m at right now:  starting my 2nd year of grad school, working towards my Master’s in OT

Chapter 1: What is OT?

Chapter 2: Applying to OT grad school(s)

Chapter 3: Observation Hours

Chapter 4: Waiting & Preparing

Pre-Grad School Self-Reflection

Chapter 5: First Two Days of Classes

Chapter 6: First Full Week of Classes

Chapter 7: The Stress of Semester 1

Chapter 8: First Semester

ABCs of OT:

Summer Work at ESY

Chapter 9: Starting the 2nd Year

Chapter 10: Parkinson’s Disease

Chapter 11: Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis

Chapter 12: Multiple Sclerosis

Chapter 13: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chapter 14: Dupuytren’s Disease

Chapter 15: Traumatic Brain Injury