Running Through the Years

Running in 2019:

Race to Save the World 10k

Running in 2018:

Diz Runs Radio Podcast

Xterra Trail Race Series recap

Xterra Lums Pond 12k

Sasquatch Nighttime Trail 5k

Xterra Brandywine 12k

Running in 2017:

Green Monster Trail Challenge 50k

Nobody ever said training for an ultra would be easy…

Training for October’s Ultra

Ramsey’s Revenge MTB Race

My Running Hiatus

Hyner View Trail Challenge 25k

XTERRA Brandywine Creek Trail 12k

Running in 2016:

Conversastions with myself – Marathon Mile Splits in Retrospect

Philadelphia Marathon

A Speed Workout High

Runner’s World Half Marathon

Craving Trail Races Crewing at Cats Tail

Tough runs…

A rough start…

Dirty German 50k

The Taper

Note-Worthy Runs of April 2016

Higher mileage, happier runner

Ultra Training Update

Ultra Training Week 2

Trick your brain and run

Running and Resting

Running in 2015:

Philadelphia Marathon

10 Tips for Succeeding in a large-scale race

Thoughts during a 16 mile training run

You are a Long-Distance Runner

Marathon Training Update

Marathon Training: Week 3 and 4

Marathon Training – Week 1 & Half of Week 2

Why the running world needs more pacers…

Throwback Thursday – Traditional 4th of July Race

Learning to Love Your “Imperfect” Running Body

Highest Weekly Mileage of 2015

For the Love of Long Runs

Deception is running in the dark…

National Running Day 2015 – Why I Love Running

7 Miles at 7 AM