Occupational Therapy Month: Balance

Occupational Therapy Month: Balance

Today is Day 2 of Occupational Therapy Month! To celebrate, today we will talk about BALANCE!

OTs emphasize occupational balance in practice regularly. Occupational balance involves balancing occupations in one’s life that an individual wants and needs to engage in.

To put occupational balance into a real-life example, let’s consider the life of a graduate student (like me!). Days are often consumed by long classes, assignments, papers, and group projects. Far more time is spent studying than engaging in self-care and leisure time. In this case, occupational balance does not exist.

To promote occupational balance, OTs can provide tools and strategies to clients who have difficulty engaging in activities that they both want and need to engage in. Tools and strategies can be as simple as teaching individuals how to organize a planner to schedule time for self-care or leisure activities.

OTs strive for occupational balance for themselves as clinicians, in addition to, teaching clients how to achieve balance in their own lives. Simply put, occupational balance can augment quality of life!

So, as you try to balance all the things in life, take a step back to determine how balanced you are. Are you getting done what needs to be done while still being able to participate in the things that bring you joy? Or are you like me in the picture below – still striving to balance school assignments, professional development, and leisure engagement?

Strive for occupational BALANCE. You’ll thank yourself for it!