When time ticks by

When time ticks by

When life’s on hold but time keeps ticking it’s hard to see progress.

It’s challenging to feel successful.

It’s difficult to remain resilient.

You look into your future but you can’t hold what’s there.

It’s troublesome when you’re empty handed.

It’s like life is at a standstill even though the clock keeps changing.

You find comfort in the hours passing by even when you spend time wasting the hours that make up your day.

Because an hour in the past means you’re an hour closer to your future.

And when the hours add up to days, and days up to weeks, and weeks add up to months, eventually your future will be within grasp.

You can start a new chapter in life.

You can pursue what you aspire to pursue.

You can breathe the fresh air of your future and forget about the days that passed by.

And hopefully that fresh air will be cleansing, will be all-fulfilling, will be just what you need to feel happy, to feel content, to feel empowered and audacious.

But until that air breezes by, you must continue to breathe in what’s there – every hour, day, week, and month leading up to something fresh.

When time ticks by and life is standing still, all you can do is breathe.


Post of Positives

Post of Positives

Our media is constantly overwhelmed with an influx of negative stories meant to instill fear in our society.  So today, amidst copious negativity, I present to you a list of positivity, a list of good in the world, and a list of hope.

  • In the past few months I have endlessly practiced skills of determination. My current aspirations require determination but I am hopeful that hard work, perseverance, and focus will assist in the achievement of my goals. Determination is the key to success.
  • I have experienced the magnitude of community engagement.  It is enlightening to see a group of individuals come together to achieve a goal.  Comprehension of the significance of our actions as cycling community members is what fuels the group to spend a Saturday afternoon in the woods.  Teamwork is quintessential for community success.  The ability to unite under one common goal is paramount.
  • I have learned that reaching out to others for guidance is invaluable.  The people who want to see you succeed and who want to help you succeed are the people that will guide you whenever you need direction.  It’s okay to ask for help, advice, guidance, etc.  Reaching out to others is not a sign of weakness; it’s merely a sign of strength fueled by the willingness to be the best version of yourself.
  • I have learned to enjoy the little things.  Turn up the music in the car, roll down the windows, watch the sunset on a Tuesday night, stop at that restaurant on Main St you’ve been wanting to go back to, go for a hike, or send some snail mail.  None of these things take significant planning. Some of these may even be spontaneous choices.  Enjoy them.  Put down the phone and enjoy the moment.  Sometimes the little things add up to bigger things – when you save 100 pennies you have $1.00. Would you rather save 100 little things in your heart’s wallet or one big thing?
  • Extend the invitation, but keep it meaningful.  Invite the people who hold a special place in your heart.  This could be at a simple family BBQ or at a wedding.  The guest book doesn’t have to be long.  What’s important is the meaningfulness of the guest book.  Each relationship we create in our lives is unique in its own way.  Are “your people” family members, lifelong friends, a significant other, a co-worker, or just an acquaintance?  It’s great to have many bonds with individuals, but it’s the meaningful ones that fit life’s greatest purpose – love.
  • I’ve learned that nobody should let anyone else control their happiness. Speak up for yourself when necessary.  Put your foot down.  Chase your ambitions.  Let go of anything holding you back from happiness.  True happiness is molded through positive interactions.  React to negative interactions.  Don’t be afraid to take a risk – speak up for your happiness.
  • Challenges are great for self-growth.  Choose a path that frightens you. Make a right turn when everyone else is turning left.  Make your own path.  Create your own self.  Challenge the strength you already have.  Push yourself past your preconceived limits.  It’s amazing what you’ll learn about yourself when you challenge your body, mind, & spirit.
  • Smile often.
  • Ask questions.
  • Be pro-active with your future.

It’s amazing what life teaches you in the most ambiguous times.  Let life create it’s own chapters.  Follow your heart.  Learn from your mistakes. Never give up on your goals.  Most importantly, do what’s right for you. Be the person you were always meant to be.