When time ticks by

When time ticks by

When life’s on hold but time keeps ticking it’s hard to see progress.

It’s challenging to feel successful.

It’s difficult to remain resilient.

You look into your future but you can’t hold what’s there.

It’s troublesome when you’re empty handed.

It’s like life is at a standstill even though the clock keeps changing.

You find comfort in the hours passing by even when you spend time wasting the hours that make up your day.

Because an hour in the past means you’re an hour closer to your future.

And when the hours add up to days, and days up to weeks, and weeks add up to months, eventually your future will be within grasp.

You can start a new chapter in life.

You can pursue what you aspire to pursue.

You can breathe the fresh air of your future and forget about the days that passed by.

And hopefully that fresh air will be cleansing, will be all-fulfilling, will be just what you need to feel happy, to feel content, to feel empowered and audacious.

But until that air breezes by, you must continue to breathe in what’s there – every hour, day, week, and month leading up to something fresh.

When time ticks by and life is standing still, all you can do is breathe.