Occupational Therapy Month: Knowledge

Occupational Therapy Month: Knowledge

“K” is for “knowledge”.

OTs acquire an array of knowledge in order to work with ages across the lifespan within a variety of settings. Currently, occupational therapy is an entry-level Master’s profession.

Graduate school provides education for all populations – pediatrics, adults, older adults for developmental diagnoses, physical diagnoses, and mental health diagnoses. Graduate school provides future OT practitioners with the general knowledge to work with any population in any setting; however, most OTs find a niche after grad school to develop unique, speciality skills within certain areas of practice.

That’s what makes OT unique! We can work with anyone and anywhere! The knowledge we acquire in graduate school sets up to pursue a career wherever we want which is super exciting. Additionally, OTs can switch populations/settings whenever they desire because their foundational knowledge will always be intact!

What knowledge have you gained so far from the ABCs of OT?!


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