I haven’t blogged in over two months. Mostly because I feel my life is the farthest thing from exciting. I’m working three jobs, barely enjoying running/cycling, and not going on any vacations.

Everyone else right now seems like they’re having the time of their lives on summer break. Here I am dealing with kids putting their hands in toilet bowls and puking. Far from being a glamorous summer.

I spend the weekends working for tips to supplement minimum wage. At least with that job, I’m working with individuals over 21 years old and toilet bowls and puke are kept for the aftermath of drinking too much wine (long after they’ve hopefully tipped me).

The third job is for our family business as I oversee social media platforms. I work tirelessly to promote events, engage a community of runners/cyclists, and bring customers in the front door. It’s pretty easy work but it can get time-consuming.

I’m just trying to offset the inevitable debt of grad school. I question how everyone else can go on week long vacations in far off lands. Maybe they don’t care about debt. Maybe someone is supplementing their bank accounts. Maybe they have some top secret connections for discounted excursions. Whatever it is and however it’s possible for them, it’s not possible for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the days I get to spend with Josh, friends, and family. Josh & I both are simple people so we don’t need expensive vacations or international travels to fulfill our existence this summer. Honestly, we just enjoy taking a half mile bike ride down to the river to watch the summer glow of the sunset, taking a morning to spend out on our favorite nearby trails, or visiting our favorite Main St restaurants during happy hour.

I know it’s imperative to remember that social media is often a highlight reel. If someone else can live so freely that their summer is one never-ending highlight reel, go get it.

I’m going to keep working, striving for supplemental incomes, dealing with toilet bowls, puke, wine, and marketing (not simultaneously though), and enjoying my spontaneous sunset bike rides.

This is my summer.

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